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What is a Philhealth Online Registration Form

A Philhealth online registration form is a document used by Filipinos - whether employed, self-employed, working overseas or retired, and foreign residents in the Philippines to enroll in the National Health Insurance Program.

The Philhealth online registration form is a more accessible alternative to manual membership enrollment. It eliminates the need to line up at a Philhealth office, making it very convenient, especially for people living far from a Philhealth branch and those currently based abroad.

Information included on the Philhealth Online Registration Form

Here is the information you will be asked for to complete your Philhealth online application:

  • Type of membership.
  • Personal details of you as a Philhealth member.
  • Your address.
  • Name of your spouse.
  • Details of the patient and your relationship with them.
  • Registered name of your employer and their address.
  • Your signature and that of your employer.

How to Fill out a Philhealth Online Registration Form

These are the easy-to-follow steps to register for Philhealth online hassle-free:

First, you must enter the correct date at the top left corner of the form and proceed as follows:

 Enter the correct date at the top left corner of the form

Part 1 - Member Certification

1) Enter your membership type, tick the appropriate boxes, and add your identification number.

Enter your membership type

2) Add the member details such as the name, date of birth, and civil status.

 Add the member details

3) Fill in your address as a member of Philhealth.

Fill in your address as a member of Philhealth

4) Your spouse’s information, including their name, and if you don’t have one, tick the box “Not Applicable.”

Fill the spouse's information

5) Enter the patient’s details such as their name, DOB, age, gender and tick the checkbox to say whether the patient is also a member.

Enter patient's details

6) Describe how the patient is related to you as the member.

Describe how the patient is related to you as the member

7) Certification of member includes the member’s signature, or affix your right thumb mark in the provided field if you can’t write, followed by a printed name and signature of a witness to the thumbmark.

Enter the certification number

Part 2 - Employer’s Certification (For members who are employed)

8) Enter your employer’s registered name and identification number.

Enter your employer's details

9) Employer’s address, including street number, Barangay, municipality, province, and zip code.

Enter you employer's address

10) Employer’s certification includes their signature, date signed, and official capacity.

Fill the employment's signature

Member’s copy of Acknowledgement receipt

11) Fill out all the provided fields completely. The hospital will detach this part and give it to you.

Fill out all the provided fields completely

What is a Philhealth Online Registration Form Used For

A Philhealth online registration form makes it more convenient for Filipinos and foreigners in the Philippines to enroll in the government-mandated health insurance program. Unlike in the past, where you had to personally visit a Philhealth agency to submit your PhilHealth Member Registration Form, you can register online through the Philhealth website.

The Philhealth program offers health assistance to qualified beneficiaries and dependents to access quality and affordable healthcare services. Its benefits include inpatient and outpatient care and fixed payments for some medical and surgical cases.

Who Needs a Philhealth Online Registration Form

A PhilHealth member and his/her enrolled dependents are entitled to government-mandated health insurance benefits. The members receive various benefits and pay different rates depending on their category. They are:

Formal economy members

These are employees with formal contracts and fixed terms of employment. They are government workers, private employees, private-based contractors in government and private offices, entrepreneurs, and Kasambahays.

Informal economy members

The voluntary and individually paying members include self-earning individuals, informal workers, naturalized Filipino citizens, foreigners living, studying, and/or working in the Philippines, unemployed Filipinos, and minors below 18 years who don’t qualify as legal dependents are under the care of a guardian.

Overseas Filipinos

All sea-based and land-based OFWs must get the Philhealth coverage whether they are documented or not. Besides, Pinoys with dual citizenship and Filipinos residing abroad may need the form.

Senior citizens

All Filipinos aged 60 years and older get the Philhealth cover automatically as long as any other category does not cover them.

Lifetime members

Filipino retirees that have paid at least 120 monthly contributions to Philhealth will qualify for a lifetime membership. This lifetime membership is for the following people:

  • Persons 60 years old and above.
  • Uninformed personnel 56 years and older.
  • Retired SSS underground miners 55 years and above.
  • SSS and GSIS pensioners before March 4, 1995.

Persons with disability (PWDs)

Under a new law, Republic Act 11228, PWDs are automatically covered by Philhealth. The Philhealth agency is mandated to develop exclusive benefit packages for addressing the unique health care and development requirements of PWDs in the Philippines.

Sponsored members

Filipinos who are financially incapable with Philhealth contributions and get sponsored by another individual, the government, or a private organization. They include:

  • Informal economy members from the lower-income class with contributions subsidized by local government units (LGUs).
  • Abandoned and abused minors, orphans, out-of-school youths, street children, senior citizens, PWDs, and battered women under the care of an accredited institution, whose contributions are subsidized by the institution.
  • Barangay workers and volunteers whose contributions are fully shouldered by their LGU.
  • Non-member indigent women who are about to give birth and whose contributions are fully shouldered by the LGU or national government.

Indigent members

Pinoys with an inadequate income to support their family get the Philhealth automatically with the female spouse as the principal member.

Qualified dependents of Philhealth members

Employed, sponsored, voluntary, indigent, and OFW members may enroll their dependents also to receive Philhealth benefits. Those who can enroll are:

  • A Philhealth non-member legal spouse.
  • Children under 21 years old who are not married or employed.
  • Children aged 21 and above with congenital disability or other disability, making them entirely dependent on Philhealth.
  • Foster children.
  • Parents aged 60 and above who are not Philhealth members.
  • Regardless of age, parents with a permanent disability fully depend on Philhealth.

Additional Philhealth Online Registration Form Resources

In conclusion, here are more resources to learn about the Philhealth online registration:

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